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There are vacancies on the Parish Council for Bramfield & Thorington.  If you or anyone you know would like to be considered for election, please click on the link below, which allows a parishioners to download the Nomination Form.




Meetings of the Council are held on the second Monday in the month at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.  If there are Planning Applications, additional meetings may be held on the fourth Monday in the month. The Council does not normally meet in the month of December.  Any parishioner requiring information concerning Parish Council business or wishing to bring a matter to the attention of the Council should, in the first instance, contact the Clerk to the Council (see below).

Chairman:  Ms A C Thomas Oak Cottage, Halesworth Road, Walpole IP19 9AZ 01986 784348 

Clerk to the Council:  Mr Paul Widdowson 69 Dukes Drive, Halesworth IP19 8DR 01986 872114

Mr A U Rozkalns 89 Bedingfield Crescent, Halesworth, IP19 9ED 01986 784223 

Mr M A Bond Bramfield Lodge, Darsham Road Bramfield IP19 9AJ 01986 784312 

Mr W Shoote 13 Walpole Road, Bramfield IP19 9AB 01986 784324 

Mr A Niven - Staffa, The Street, Bramfield IP19 9HT 01986 784578

Mrs D. Hughes -Waterloo Mill, Halesworth Road, Bramfield, IP19 9HW




We are delighted to report that the village has bought its own Speed Indicator Device (or "flashing sign" to you and me!).  This will display how fast drivers are actually going and if they are exceeding the 30 m.p.h. limit, it will flash a "Slow Down" message at the same time.  There are 6 separate locations within the village where the sign can be placed and it also has a data capture facility which can be downloaded to show dates, times and speeds, all of which will help the Speedwatch Team to monitor traffic patterns and help plan their monitoring sessions better.

If you would like to join the team and make a real difference, please call Andrew Niven on 01986 784578 or 07535 966908, or email him at:

The Team's primary function is to record the registration numbers of vehicles travelling at 35 m.p.h. or more, with aid of a speed gun (not a camera!) and to pass this information on to the Police, who at their discretion, will in turn write to registered owners, reminding them of the dangers of excessive speeding and to re-educate drivers on the need to slow down.  Second-time offenders will receive a more strongly worded letter, advising them if they are recorded for a third time, by ANY Speedwatch team in the UK, it will result in prosecution, i.e. points on their licence and a fine, often delivered by hand by the Police to the offender's door, which must be very embarrassing. 

The other main thrust of the team is to be clearly visible as a reminder to drivers that Bramfield is a Speedwatch village, and that the team could be out any time, any day, and trust that the word will get around.


Please see below links to documents relating to the "Transparency Code", with which all Parish Councils now have to comply:


Appendix 6 - Accounts for Inspection Guide

 B&T Appendix 5 - Accounts for Inspection

B&T Annual Governance Statement 2015-2016

B&T Annual Statement 2015-2016

 RFO Declaration

2016 - 2017

Appendix 6 - Guidance to Public Rights

B&T Accounting Statement 2016-2017

B&T Governance Statement 2016-2017

B&T Annual Internal Audit Report 2016-2017

B&T Appendix 5 - Notice of Public Rights

B&T Asset Register 2016-2017

RFO Declaration


Bramfield and Thorington Bridge Meadow


Back in October 2007 at a village plan consultation for Bramfield and Thorington, one of the main requests was for a village recreation area. At an open meeting on June the 30th 2008 there was considerable enthusiasm to go ahead and set up a project group to look into providing a suitable piece of land that would be easily accessible for all, easily policed to encourage all age groups and a safe area which could also be used by the school. Bridge Meadow next to the school was the obvious choice and had a history of being an amenity area for the village in earlier times. The planning department for Suffolk Coastal were very supportive and said it would be unlikely that any planning permission for building would be recommended since 2/3 of the land is flood plain and access to Bridge Street is already poor.  The Friends of Bridge Meadow committee was set up and began negotiations with the Johnson Callaby Trust who own the field via their advisors. Initially they responded with a figure of £55,000 which although high takes into account the position of the field. Meanwhile the Parish Council applied for a change of status from farmland to amenity land. Negotiations proved to be difficult as the chain of communication was complicated and it was difficult to know who was making the decisions if any! Meanwhile the committee went ahead to raise funds to buy the field.

A total of £15,762 was raised by the generosity of local people and fund raising events; grants promises of £8000 and the Suffolk Coastal locality fund committed £1000 meant that that fund raising was well on the way to achieving the £55,000. However, in October 2009 an e-mail from one of the Johnson Callaby Trustees said, in essence, that they were unwilling to commit to a sale until they had explored all the avenues maximising the value of the land. So the committee recommended that the Parish Council formally withdraw their offer.

The committee then looked at other sites in the village. The land behind Pitman’s Grove was historically used as a playing field but had fallen into scrubland with a very poor grass surface. It was not a suitable place for all children in the villages and the residents were not keen to have it as a playing field. The Parish Council has approached Suffolk Heritage the Housing Association, who owned the land, with no positive response.

Another area was looked at in the village but it was just too far from the school to make it viable as a playing field for the school and the price was too high to justify the amount of money needed to level the land and make it secure.

Since the money had been raised specifically for Bridge Meadow the Friends of Bridge Meadow felt they should consult the donors on what they would like to do with the money. Every donor was written to with a questionnaire asking if they would like their donation 1 Returned to them, 2 Hold the money and explore other options for a sports/play/ village amenity area. 3 Give the money for improvements to Bramfield Village Hall. 4 Give the money to St Andrews Church, Bramfield for the fabric fund. If the Committee does not have a response it will assume that the donor is happy for funds to be held and invested in an amenity for the village.

After following the instructions of the donors the Bridge Meadow fund stood at £4,436.03

It is now 4 years on and there has been no viable alternative to Bridge Meadow and the Johnson Callaby Trust shows no sign of changing their minds. The Trustees of the Friends of Bridge Meadow and the Parish Council now feel it is time to wind the trust up and donate the money to Village projects. It is the intention to donate £500 to the Thursday Lunch Club at the Village Hall. £1,000 shared between the Fabric Fund of St Andrews Church Bramfield, St Peters Church Thorington and the United Reform Church Bramfield and the rest £2,939 to Bramfield Village Hall to paint and repair the exterior and if any left over to provide soft mood lighting in the hall.

If there are no further suggestions or objections this plan will go ahead in January 2015.

Jane Edwards





After some backbreaking (literally for some) work last summer the triangle of waste on the Thorington Road was cleared ready for planting. Mark Bond and Aubrey Holmes planted the area up with these native species:- crab apple, hawthorn, buddleia, wayfaring tree, hazel, dog rose, spindle, guilder rose, dogwood. From the pictures it doesn't look as though the planting was easy and thanks go to Mark and Aubrey for their hard work.






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